The Best Gifts Under $100

September 21, 2017

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Outdoor gear and products can get pricy, but there’s plenty of high quality and functional gifts under $100 that the active people in your life will love.

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Best Gifts Under $100

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Brands Included

 Basin and Range  Hydro Flask  Kelty  Patagonia
 Cobra  IceMule  Klymit  ProShot
 Fitbit  Katadyn  Leatherman  Sunski
 Goal Zero  Kammok  Optimus  Work Sharp

Basin and Range Uinta Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic

Basin range bag 1 Basin and Range Uinta Sleeping Bag: 30 Degree Synthetic Starting at: $76.47

The Uinta Sleeping Bag from Backcountry’s exclusive brand is the perfect car camping companion. This mummy style bag is sure to keep its inhabitant warm and comfy when they want to venture out for a night under the stars. Testers appreciated the micro-fleece material in the head and shoulders area as well as in the foot box for an added touch of softness and comfort. The draft tube in the Uinta ensures no air will seep into the bag and ruin a REM cycle. The stuff sack has built-in compression straps to help pack the bag down even smaller to venture into the backcountry. After a few nights use we had no issues with the zipper, which was a pleasant surprise as that is a common issue most sleeping bags face.

Best for: Car camping and hike-in camping in moderate temperatures

Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Cinch Backpack 20L

Patagoniablackholecinch20l Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Cinch Backpack 20L $67.94 - $75.05

The Patagonia Lightweight Black Hole Cinch pack drawstring-equipped haversack is a near perfect carry-on. No, it’s not waterproof, and the top doesn’t fully close, but the lightweight build compresses into your main backpack or suitcase, while the pockets pack a punch when it comes to packing—yes, it’s a minimalistic, featherweight bag with a heavyweight’s organizational power. And unlike a stocking over the fireplace, this 20L pack carries a load year-round—there’s nothing seasonal about it. Simple and reliable, this is classic Patagonia, practicality at its finest.

Best for: Traveling, using as a secondary day pack and/or a carry-on

Kelty Low Loveseat Chair

Kelty low loveseat chair main Kelty Low Loveseat Chair $89.00 - $97.96

Twice as nice with a loveseat design, this Kelty camping chair suits occupants of all sizes from children to adults. With quilted, 600D poly construction to survive the elements, the 16lb packable chair ended up smaller than testers anticipated and a 500lb capacity that suits nearly every duo. Impressive comfort and support came with the Loveseat, as did the Roll-Tote carry bag that made for easy rock and wood gathering for evening fires.

Best for: Car camping, resort vacations, big-time road trips

Klymit Static V2

Klymitv2static Klymit Static V2 Starting at: $55.86

Klymit’s lightest weight standard adult sleep pad is the Static V2. Lightweight and rugged 30D polyester on top and 75D on the bottom make this a durable pad without weighing down your bag. The body mapping and V chamber designs make the Static V2 incredibly comfortable, especially for the weight. At one pound that packs down to the size of a soda can, the Static V2 is all about saving space and weight.

Best for: Light and fast summer backpacking and camping; milder shoulder season camping

Kammok Wallaby

Kammockwallaby Kammok Wallaby $55.90 - $58.50

Active Junky had experience with Kammok’s double hammock, the Roo, but the Kammok Wallaby is a perfect choice for the solo hammocker. At a lightweight 10oz, the Roo packs small, even small enough to throw into a day pack so you can relax along the hiking trail or at a lake near your basecamp. The system is incredibly easy to setup with the included carabiners and racer slings. Note that the Wallaby does not include straps, but Kammock Python straps are available separately, or you can use any other straps or systems you may already own. Once set up, the Wallaby can support up to 400 pounds, and gear loops provide quick access to gear or tools, keeping them at arm's reach and off the ground. This is a great choice for casual hammocking, though we would not recommend the model for camping or backpacking.

Best for: A relaxing break along the trail, at basecamp, a park or back yard

Katadyn Hiker Pro

Katadynhikerpro Katadyn Hiker Pro $65.02 - $73.06

The Katadyn Hiker Pro is dependable, easy to clean and long lasting. At 11 ounces, it’s not the lightest on the market, but it’s not made to be the lightest—it’s made to be the best. Simply attach the hoses to the appropriate end, throw the filter with floater in your water source (avoid stagnant sources), and pump. You’ll get over 1,100 liters of purified water over the lifetime of one filter, and the system—when properly used —is foolproof: if water comes out, you’re good to go. Pumping just becomes more difficult as the filter ages, so pay attention and replace the filter as needed.

Best for: Safe drinking water in the backcountry or on long hikes to avoid packing in water weight

Optimus Elektra Fe Cook System

Optimus electra main Optimus Elektra Fe Cook System $85.96 - $94.96

Testers took this Optimus stove high on a windswept ridge in southwest Colorado for its big moment. The Cook System is well-conceived and integrates essential heating and cooking elements into a reliable package that chooses durability over ultra-light carrying. Burner adjustment and pot handles are two key advantages of the Optimus approach. By offering fast heating with durability superior to aluminum, the Elektra Fe Cook Systems effectively mimics the performance characteristics of titanium at an advantageous price.

Best for: Tamer trips by trail, water or car at moderate elevations in less turbulent weather conditions

Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini USB Rechargeable Lantern

Goal zer lighthouse mini main Goal Zero Lighthouse Mini USB Rechargeable Lantern $42.96 - $59.40

While not a new member of the Goal Zero line-up, this model continues to impress users. And is one of the most requested “can I borrow it?” items in the testers’ gear locker. For less than $70, the lantern showcases both a wide range of functions as well as three ways to recharge: USB, 18650 battery, or good old sunshine when paired with a Goal Zero solar panel. Independent two-sided lighting provides 7 hours of run time using one side or 4 hours using both sides on high.

Best for: Frequent outdoor, vacation and travel scenarios to on-trail lighting

Hydro Flask 64 oz. Growler

Hydro flask 64 oz growler main Hydro Flask 64 oz. Growler Starting at: $57.16

There is no better way to finish off a day of adventuring than with a cold frothy brew in hand back at the trail head. A convenient handle makes carrying your Hydro Flask Growler up to the crag easy, so your post project send celebrations can include an ice cold one from the local craft brewery. Our testers opted to leave the growler in the car while on a backcountry ski mission near Rocky Mountain National Park, and after returning exhausted, a stout from Jagged Mountain Brewery was exactly what the doctor ordered to refresh the spirits and cap-off an excellent day.

Best for: Fresh-from-the-tap taste after a long day, even 24 hours after capping

Leatherman Signal

Leatherman signal Leatherman Signal $96.86 - $98.86

A full 19 functions compress into this 7.5oz of cutting, wrenching, sawing, driving and opening Leatherman multi-tool. A favorite feature is the ferro firestarting rod that provided testers with a much-needed backup in camping and backpacking scenarios. The hammering surface, integrated with a reliable carabiner clip, is a major advantage with Signal if you ever need a solid tap. Straight-up cutting power proved formidable in test scenarios, as did slot-head screwdriver torque even burrowing into tight-grained wood.

Best for: Keeping in your toolbox or backpack for a breadth of uses with solid performance

Cobra CXT 1035R FLT

Cxt 1035r flt Cobra CXT 1035R FLT $98.96 - $99.00

The Cobra CXT 1035R FLT is a weather-proof, waterproof floating walkie talkie. It performed well up to a mile, includes all the major features we looked for, as well as some additional features, rugged design and a comfortable grip, making it a great choice for short-range communication. Cobra offers a specific feature with the CXT 1035R called Rewind-Say-Again, which allows you to play back the previous 20 seconds of any incoming message, which is incredibly handy if a message comes in when you’re unprepared or in a noisy surrounding.

Best for: Communication over shorter ranges; confident on-water communication

Work Sharp Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener

Workshop electric knife main Work Sharp Electric Knife and Tool Sharpener Starting at: $83.70

Cabela’s got a collab going with an Active Junky favorite brand to build a system that goes from fine to course with the six included abrasive belts. While the sharpener takes some practice, the results come fast and consistently when the included three sharpening guides are employed. The full spectrum of knives meet their match with this Cabela’s kit, and many scissors can be sharpened as well. Try it on fast-dulling or long-ignored lawn and garden tools to get even more from this under-$100 shop-in-a-box that comes complete with a hard-wearing nylon carry case.

Best for: Caring for your implements of adventure or home-based tools

Fitbit Zip

Fitbitzip Fitbit Zip

The Fitbit Zip is the best pedometer we tested, first and foremost because of its step tracking accuracy—the whole point of a pedometer. It’s also extremely easy to set up and use, and the Fitbit app is one of the best on the market. The user-friendly app allows you to customize goals, sync data via Bluetooth and monitor your progress. It’s lightweight, compact, and clips anywhere on your body.

Best for: Accurately tracking steps all day with a device and app that are simple to use

Sunski Avila

Testers took these Sunski sunglasses for a week-long trip to New Orleans, and they were the perfect travel companion. Lightweight enough that we sometimes forgot they were on our head or face, the Avila Sunskis are made for all-day wear and comfort. Black matt frames with gold-trimmed rimless bottoms are a subtle yet sleek design, and polarized lenses protect your eyes. Especially for the price, these are a great pair of unisex sunglasses that our female testers love to wear is casual situation, though not made for serious activities or to take abuse.

Best for: Running around town and traveling in sunny locales

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ProShot Case iPhone

Proshot case 1 ProShot Case iPhone Starting at: $94.96

There are few iPhone accessories that plunge in like this one. Complete with a ruggedized waterproof case (rated down to 100ft) and a 113-degree wide angle lens, the GoPro mount-compatible system is a solid under-$100 gift. Interchange the deep-water lid for a touch-screen lid (good down to 6ft) to improve standard protection in non-marine settings, including mountain biking, skiing and hiking. An optional RAM Mount ( allows attachment to motorized vehicles.

Best for: Keeping your phone safe and at the ready to capture action on land or water

IceMule Cooler

Icemule classic cooler IceMule Coolers $43.18 - $53.96

While high-end, bear-proof coolers are popular in the hard sided cooler market, IceMule Coolers are some of the best when it comes to boating. They combine the convenient, soft-sided portability of a backpack and performance in the realm of a traditional hard-shell cooler. And can be easily latched to the deck of your craft. IceMule uses traditional drybag design featuring welded seams and a roll-top closure that the brand says keeps ice icey for 24 hours, is totally waterproof and floats. Carry with the cross-body strap or backpack straps. Several sizes hold anywhere from a six pack to 36 cans of craft beer and ice.

Best for: Keeping your favorite drinks cold on the river or lake

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