Best Mountain Bikes Under $3,000

April 04, 2019

  • by
  • Lionello DelPiccolo

Mountain Biking is expensive. The price point for this sport can make entry a challenge. That's why we've put this list together for bikes under $3,000 to help ease the pain of getting on a new bike. So, if you are looking to get into mountain biking, check these budget-friendly bikes out and happy trails.

Santa Cruz Tallboy

Fogn Santa Cruz Tallboy $2,483.08 - $2,618.03

This 29er from Santa Cruz is one of the most versatile and well-rounded bikes you can get at this price point. The aluminum frame and smart components keep the price low, but you get a great all-around geometry that makes this bike a joy to ride with some cash leftover for some more gas to get to the trailhead or upgrading components down the line!

Juliana Furtado

Pin Juliana Furtado 27.5+ D Mountain Bike $2,483.08 - $2,537.06

The Furtado is our choice for a Women’s starter bike at an affordable price. With 130mm of rear travel this bike give you a cushy ride as you are bombing down the trails.The Furtado’s geometry keeps it nimble and ready to cruise through pumpy sections and around berms with confidence. The component spec is a great place to start with this bike, and will get you trail ready right away. 

Marin Hawk Hill 1 Bike 2019

Bi001038 gloss grey blue Marin Hawk Hill 1 Bike 2019 Starting at: $1,552.00

The cheapest bike on this list. The Hawk Hill is a no frills trail bike that’ll get you on the local trails. Marin’s Multi-Trac suspension system is at the center of this bike gives it a playful and fun feel, while the geometry and light aluminium frame make this bike at home in the rolling hills or on the steeper downhill trails. This bike is an incredible value. It can handle almost anything you throw at it for a very affordable price.

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