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Invite A Friend and You Both Get $10

When you share Active Junky with a friend, you both earn $10. That’s right, you get $10 credited to your account for sharing and they get $10 credited to theirs for accepting once they make a qualifying purchase.

How to earn Cash Back by inviting friends

Join Active Junky

Log in

Sign up for Active Junky, go to your profile and click on Invite a Friend.

Shop With Active Junky

Share the Link

Share your unique URL with your friends – use social media, your favorite forums, or email them.

Earn Cash Back

Lend a Hand

Help your friends make their first qualifying purchase of $25 or more.

Get Paid!

Earn & Repeat

You and each friend you invite get $10 credited to your accounts within 24 hours of their purchase.

Ready to invite your friends?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Active Junky Cash Back is a monetary bonus we pay you for shopping with us! The Active Junky Cash Back program allows you to purchase gear from any of our 100+ retailers and receive a Cash Back bonus from Active Junky. By having relationships with these retailers we are able to hook you up. Just log into the Active Junky site, navigate to your favorite retailer or product of choice, and purchase.
You get Active Junky Cash Back after logging into Active Junky, clicking on a product link or retailer link and making a purchase on one of our affiliate sites. Every 3 months we will deposit your Cash Back balance into your Paypal account or we will send you a check. Up to you!
You will be able to see your Cash Back in your Active Junky account the next business day. If you don't, please contact us.
Your Cash Back can be received one of two ways. You can either receive a check in the mail, or a deposit into your Paypal account.
Absolutely. Just make sure that you are logged into Active Junky. If you log out, close your browser, or switch browsers, you will no longer be logged in and you will need to re-sign in to be eligible for Active Junky Cash Back. Just make sure you click on the product or retailer link and see our transition page telling you "are on your way to cash back!" If you don't see that page, you won't get your cash!

Still have questions?

We’re here to help. Before contacting us be sure to check out our FAQ’s and our full Terms and Services. If anything is still unclear, you can contact us here.