30 Incredible Cabins Around the World

Case Inlet, WA

Washington’s Puget Sound is home to indelible tranquility and this modern gem, complete with 360-degree views.

Callicoon, NY

No Wi-Fi? No worries! Lay back in this shack’s Japanese soaking tub for an experience you won’t find surfing the web.

Hilversum, The Netherlands

Switch the letters around and “Hilversum” becomes “Silver Hum.” That’s exactly the sound you’ll hear buzzing out of entertainer Hans Linberg’s camouflaged cabin and music studio.

Asyen, Chile

Active Junky’s been traveling to Chile for years now, and Aysen’s Melimoyu Bay is a Chilean wonder worth checking out – especially if you can stay here.

Eco-Temporary Refuge by Cimini Architettura, Switzerland

This “Eco Temporary Refuge” is entirely moveable (by helicopter, not by hand), and is designed to be a sanctuary for climbers.

Fantastic Norway’s Mountain Hill Cabin

Cloaked in the fog of the fjords, the “Fantastic Norway’s Mountain Hill Cabin” is a sleek and welcoming basecamp for backcountry skiing.

Wintergreen Cabin, WA

Carved into Washington’s verdant hillside, the Wintergreen Cabin encourages you to reconnect with nature.

Ski Hut, BC, Canada

For the skiers and snowboarders among us, British Columbia’s powder pillows might as well be heaven’s clouds. Skin in, get situated and go shred!

Sunset Cabin, Ontario, CA

Camouflaged privacy on one of Ontario’s most pristine shorelines? Yes, please!

Roan Mountain, TN

If Tennessee doesn’t strike you as a vacation destination, this 12x24 cabin will make you reconsider.

Star Fuzina, Lake Bohini, Slovenia

With enough space for the whole family, this newfangled interpretation of the classic “alpine chalet” is an ideal base for exploration. Plus, a top-floor sauna earns major chill points.

Crazy Bills, Fall River Canyon, Rocky Mountain National Park

While no longer in existence, this Rocky Mountain National Park Library photo shows eccentric miner Bill Currance’s old cabin in Fall River Canyon.

The Wedge Cabin, WY

This Recreational Park Trailer, better known as an RPT, is decorated by reclaimed fencing from the great state of Wyoming. Take a piece of the prairie with you, wherever you roam.

Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Canada

The small ferry that services off-grid island Lasqueti has a schedule impossible to predict due to the weather. When you do arrive, it’s worth wandering around to check out the local architecture.

Hatch, UT

Grab a key from the front desk and ignore the ignition. Pop the hatch of this Cab-Over Engine Truck for a stay unlike any other.

The Mushroom Dome Cabin, Aptos, California

Available to rent, this funky fungi-shaped dome is practically famous in the quirky town of Aptos, California.

Thousand Islands, Saint Lawrence River

Dotting the Saint Lawrence River, the Thousand Islands archipelago is home to tiny islands with appropriately tiny houses. Whether or not they use Thousand Island dressing, we just don’t know…

Bajina Basta, Serbia

If you’re heading to Serbia, beautiful Bajina Basta is worth the stop – this “floating” cabin is an iconic destination just outside of town.

Bordeaux, France

When swinging between vines in Bordeaux, kick back in this owl-inspired shack. You need only look out the window for a bird’s eye view.

"Rock Restaurant"

Though more “Restaurant” than cabin, we thought we’d include it anyways. Table for two, please!

Fogo Island, Newfoundland, Canada

Originally built for the cod fisherman, this tiny house is a photographer’s dream subject.

Kolarbyn Eco Lodge, Sweden

This underground cottage is rooted in more ways than one, with simple furniture and a commitment to eco-friendly amenities.

Chicago, Illinois

Arguably the most accessible cabin on this list, this Chi City treehouse is worth the (10-ft) climb.

Rain Shack, Unknown

To quote Creedence Clearwater Revival, “Have you ever seen the rain?” This cabin sure has…

Chesieres, Switzerland

Deep snow, Swiss Alps, a warm fire and hot fondue – what more do you need in life?

Costa Rica

Kip down in a converted Boeing 727 for a unique experience and a subsequently “fly” vacation.

Whistler, Canada

Miles to go before you sleep? Not if you stumble upon this public access pod cabin in Whistler…

Monbazillac, France

A scaled-down version of the enormous Chateau de Monbazillac, this French house is a playful and cozy architectural masterpiece.

Cliff Cabin at Crazy Bear Wilderness Lodge, British Columbia, Canada

Perched on a cliff, the well-named “Cliff Cabin” is prime real estate at Crazy Bear Wilderness Lodge, a BC fishing lodge accessible only by boat.

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