Iron and Resin Jackets: Their Threads, Your Story

March 23, 2015

  • by
  • Drew Zieff

There’s nothing ordinary about Iron and Resin apparel. While tags read, “waxed cotton canvas” and “Shetland herringbone flannel,” every garment is woven from a textile impossible to outsource: the fabric of California’s blue-collar history.

Distorted guitar licks. Snaking single-lane highways wet with fog. Thunderous custom motorcycles silhouetted against Pacific sunrise swells. These are the filaments spun into Iron and Resin’s heritage.

Cut and stitched by a crew of friends in California, each jacket is a story-telling tapestry woven by a master weaver. When you wear an Iron and Resin jacket, you carry this timeless past with you as you step bravely into the future.

Saddlebag Jacket: Adventure’s Heirloom

Iron resin saddlebag Iron and Resin Saddlebag Jacket Straight out of the box, the heirloom-quality Saddlebag Jacket is unrepentantly stiff. It takes some living to make it yours – and worth passing on.  It’s the jacket a father gives to his son when he leaves home to confront independence, hoping that someday, his son will do the same for his grandchild. Active Junky testers embraced the olive green style and thick flannel lining, feeling warm and capable in Denver downpours. Leather drawstring accents and a tasteful Iron and Resin left pocket patch add to the understated, enduring style.

Best For: Investing in a wearable inheritance

Refuge Jacket: Shelter from Your Storm

Iron resin refuge Iron and Resin Refuge Jacket “I stood silently, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco’s shimmering skyline,” said one Active Junky tester. “The sun was sinking into the sea, shedding orange on the beach break I’d surfed until I couldn’t paddle another stroke. I zipped up my Iron and Resin Refuge, seeking sanctuary from the chill. Then I slipped my hands into the warm pockets to watch the tangerine sky fade to black.” A comfortable red herringbone flannel liner, insulating nylon outer shell and vintage metal buttons stand the test of time, guaranteed. Take Refuge and never look back.

Best For: Finding respite from the cold, solo trips to strange cities in search of something more.

Mackinaw Shirt: Blue Collar Pedigree

Iron resin mackinaw Iron and Resin Mackinaw Shirt The Mackinaw is blue collar, literally; 13oz selvedge denim fabric is a tough, indigo celebration of the adept craftsman or diligent laborer who makes their hands the tools of progress. This one feels like the shirt that built this state, one log and brick at a time.  Active Junky testers wore the Mackinaw all over town, tasting single malt Scotch in warm pubs and buttoning up the collar on wind-buffeted single-speed cruises through urban streets.  There’s a story here, replete with antique metal buttons and red, white and blue piping over the left chest pocket. Don’t forget where it – and you – began.   

Best For: Working hard, living well

The last vestiges of true rock n’ roll. Classic cars shedding paint after years of ocean spray. Stormy days when the waves were too big but you rode them anyways. Every Iron and Resin jacket is spun from hundreds of threads, each carrying thousands of stories.

What’s yours?

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