Commerce With A Conscience: Tentree Apparel

May 14, 2015

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  • Drew Zieff

With tentree, your everyday life changes the world.  Madagascar gets reforested while whipping up scrambled eggs in your new favorite sweatpants.  Conservation in Senegal gets a boost as you skate the block in a standout t-shirt.

For each item purchased, the Canadian company promises to plant ten saplings.  Rest easy, knowing that tentree only works with local non-profits and their reforestation practices adhere to high standards. 

The bottom line? Saving the world never looked so good on you.

Bronson Sweats: Jettison Your Jeans

Tentree bronson 1 tentree Bronson Sweats

Clear your calendar and prepare to chill. These comfortable sweats turned active testers into sofa seekers. Less lazy than commodity sweats, Bronson’s fashion forward design elements include white-speckled charcoal fabric, leather embellishments and an off-color waistband and cuffs.  Strolling the city in sweats? Why not?

Best For: No stress style

Planting Forests: Share the Love

Tentree plantingforests 01 tentree Planting Forests T-Shirt

Stepping forward with “Planting Forests” across your chest keeps the tentree message going strong. A velvety blend of recycled polyester, organic cotton and rayon make it a must-wear favorite. “It’s unbelievably soft to the touch – and I looked it up using the provided tracking code. This shirt is responsible for planting ten Jujube trees in Senegal,” said Active Junky’s tester. “That’s pretty awesome.” Get noticed and spur conservation conversation in this wardrobe staple.

Best For: Getting comfortable and spreading the message

Amherst: A Wholesome Henley

Tentree amherst 03 tentree Amherst T-Shirt

The tentree twist makes this classic short sleeve Henley pop. A leather logo is stitched into the chest pocket hem to contrast with the faded tri-blend fabric. Unfasten one button for style, two for an edge and all three to feel the breeze. Timeless panache comes in gray, blue and green. Fund planting operations from Ethiopia to Malawi by wearing what matters.

Best For: Staying under the radar and ahead of the curve

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